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The Hammock Community Church Endowment Fund was established to provide the mechanism and structure for charitable giving to our Church. The program objectives are to support the mission of the church and perpetuate its financial stability through a combined pool of assets established and invested to support the needs of the organization through future generations.

This represents a special opportunity for those who wish to leave a permanent, meaningful legacy of support for the needs of Hammock Community Church long after they're gone. When you give to the Endowment Fund you have faith in the knowledge that your gift will bless others long after it has been given and will help insure that the mission, ministry and programs of the church will continue.

Please consider the possibilities offered by supporting the Endowment program through tax-deductible gifts (with stock, mutual funds, bonds, cash or other assets) or through the inclusion of the Endowment Fund in your estate planning (wills or trusts).

Gifts to the Endowment Fund can be made (on a weekly, monthly or annual basis or on a one time basis) by contacting the church and being referred to a member of the Endowment Committee.

Endowment Committee Members:

Janet Krolicki, Chair - Trustee

Peter Freytag - HCC Member

Don Turlington - HCC Member

Judy Wiginton - Deacon

Hammock Community Church

5299 Oceanshore Boulevard

Palm Coast, FL 32137